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At our centre we strive to offer almost all medical services including radiology, pathology and allied health services.

What We Offer

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Dorevitch pathology is onsite for all your extensive pathology needs. Supplemented by our nurses who are highly skilled in phlebotomy

Family Planning

Our committed team, including female GPs, offers exceptional care during and after pregnancy. Convenient on-site ultrasound services save time for expectant mothers.


Unique Medical offers childhood vaccinations in a safe, friendly environment. Our doctors are ready to address any parental concerns or misconceptions about vaccinations.

Adult Immunisation

Unique Medical ensures full vaccination coverage for vulnerable adults against whooping cough, pneumonia, influenza, and shingles.

Travel Vaccine

Unique medical is a registered government accredited travel vaccination clinic providing up-to-date travel guidelines as well as vaccinations.

Work Cover

Unique Medical offers expert care for work injuries, including assessment, diagnostics, surgery, nursing, physiotherapy, and immunization.

Minor Surgery

Unique Medical promptly treats minor injuries like lacerations and fractures, offering surgical care, nearby radiology, and advanced procedures weekly.

Pre-employment Medical Assessment

Unique Medical fosters strong relationships with local businesses, offering comprehensive pre-employment medicals at competitive rates.

Affordable health care for students

At Unique Medical, we're partnering with insurance companies like Allianz to offer students a HICAPS billing system, reducing consultation fees to a minimal gap.

Chronic Disease Management

Unique Medical offers expert care for work injuries, including assessment, diagnostics, surgery, nursing, physiotherapy, and immunization.

Women's Health

At Unique Medical, women's health is a priority. We offer dedicated female GP services, quick assessment of lumps, screenings, procedures, contraception advice, and counseling.

Men's Health

At Unique Medical, we address men's reluctance to seek help, prioritizing opportunistic screening for prevention.


We are offering cardiology services including Holter at our medical centre. All investigations and consults would be bulk billed at our medical centre and this is an excellent opportunity for the Cranbourne community to access his expertise. The office can be reached on 9789-6011 or

Home Medicines Review

Our consultant pharmacist, Ly can conduct Home Medicines Review for our patients who are on complex medicine regimens with multiple comorbidities.

Patients Story

Loved by our Patients

Udayasiri Senarath Patients

Dulan is a very friendly and nice person. And also i realized that he has a through knowledge about the subject. I feel he does a good service rather than a business. Other staff also very nice.

kapila karunarathne Patients

I've visited the medical center for getting my flu Vacc and it is pertinent to mention that the PN who was working on 13.09.2023 is very friendly and professional.

Ruth Enuica Patients

Wonderful doctors, empathetic staff, everything you could possibly want when you’re dealing with sick young children. Thank you Dr Prabath and the team at Unique Medical!!!

arun neduveliparambil Patients

Dr.Sam,Dr.Prabhath,Dr.Jay all are highly professionals, and deep knowledgeable.Attention and respect for patients seems to be their priority!Highly recommended.

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