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Unique Medical Centre Opening Hours

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Reopen Tomorrow at 9 am

Deputising Services after 11PM, Call 132 660

Emergencies call 000

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Patient Information

Emergency cases

In case of all medical emergency, phone 000 now or go to the nearest emergency department.

  • Nurse on call: 1300 60 60 24
  • After Hours Care: Our doctors are providing after care services. An after hours mobile number is provided when the centre is closed, this may be accessed by calling the centre on 03 5923 3006

The nearest emergency departments are:

  • Frankston hospital, hastings road Frankston - (03) 9784 7777
  • Casey hospital, kangan drive, Berwick - (03) 9554 1000
  • Dandenong hospital, david street, Dandenong - (03) 9554 1000

Also for reassurance after hours, the GP helpline can be contacted via 1800 022 222 when surgery is closed and if reassured you can make an urgent booking for the next day by going online or calling asap and talking to your regular GP.

Our Fees & Charges

All consultations would be bulk billed but for certain procedures like skin cancer removal, implanon insertion, dressing changes etc. there would be a small out of pocket expense.

  • private patients (non-medicare holders) minimum charge: $70*
  • follow up consultations minimum charge: $50*

*prices subject to change based on services provided

Appointment booking

Patients can book online appointments easily by using our website. Receive text reminders prior to an appointment or call our receptionists during opening hours. In extreme emergency cases, you can always talk to your regular GP to squeeze in an appointment if the reception is unable to fit you in. If you are calling for a particular procedure such as a Pap smear, Marina insertion please be kind enough to notify the receptionist at the time of booking, so as we can book the appropriately skilled GP to attend to your procedure.

Appointment cancellation

We expect patients to return our exceptional care by cancelling appointments due to unavoidable circumstances 24 hours prior to the allocated time. This will give another patient the opportunity to see the doctor.

There is no fine for un-informed cancellations but repeat offences might make future appointments not possible.

Contacting your regular GP via telephone

Your regular GP will be happy to discuss aspects of your care or your family's care provided it's not a breach of confidentiality. If you call the doctor whilst he is consulting you may have to call again, or the doctor will call you back when he is free.

Drug policies & behaviour

Drugs of dependence like benzo diazepam, opioids will not be prescribed at our medical centre unless the patient has been assessed on a few occasions by the same doctor and a valid health reason has been identified such as malignancy.

Rude and abusive behaviour is not tolerated such patients will not be serviced any longer and will be promptly asked to leave the surgery.

Patients also have to be respectful of the consulting doctor’s decision not to prescribe a certain medication. An example, a patient is diagnosed with a viral head cold, and they are unhappy with doctor’s refusal to give them antibiotics.

Results Advice

To protect your privacy and ensure that all results are managed in accordance with Best Practice, Unique Medical is unable to provide results over the phone. Please ensure a following appointment is made with your doctor within 2-3 days.

Speak to us for professional, high quality medical services and treatments.