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Unique Medical’s Covid19 Safety Plan

Posted Date: 2020-10-01


Unique medical has implemented a Covid19 plan to keep all our staff and our patients safe. Our most important initiative is to keep everyone safe using strict infection control within the practice.


  1. When a patient calls the practice, they will be screened by the reception with several Covid19 related questions.
  2. Once the questions are answered the receptionist will book an appointment if the patient has no cold or flu symptoms.
  3. If the patient has any Covid19 related symptoms they will be offered a Telehealth with the GP, who will ask them to come to the car park for a Covid19 swab test.


Please Note: We DO NOT Conduct Covid19 test in the clinic. Tests are ONLY carried out from the Patients car through the car window. Our GPs will wear all the necessary PPE whilst performing a test. 

  1. When patients arrive in the car park for appointments, they are asked to call the reception on 59233006 to let them know they have arrived. A doorbell has been set in place if you do not have a mobile phone.


  1. Only 2 patients are allowed in the clinic at a time.
  1. The door is locked, and the reception will only open the door to let patients enter as soon as the chairs have been disinfected.




  1. On entry, patients must sanitize their hands at the satiation stand.

      8. Then approach the reception for the receptionist to take the temperature through the small window from behind the sneeze screens.



  1. If a patient has a temperature, they are asked to leave the rooms and wait in their car for the DR to call them on the phone.
  2. All staff and patients are required to wear masks. All staff members have temperature checks on entry.
  3. All patients for Marina Radiology and Dorevitch pathology must use the side ally to enter via High street. This has reduced the amount of incidental traffic passing through the center.
  4. All childhood and adult immunizations are being done to keep our patients safe.


Kindly note that small procedures are still being performed. The treatment room is disinfected, and new linen is replaced after each patient. Unique uses single-use instruments during procedures these are discarded after one use. All staff members use disposable gloves for each patient.

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