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'Maggoted' or 'Smashed' the results will be very bad!

Posted Date: 2018-04-04

In Australia, alcohol is so much an accepted part of 'having a good time' that many people do not realise it is capable of doing harm in a great many different ways.

Flu or Common Cold

Posted Date: 2018-03-22

The flu and the common cold are both respiratory illnesses but they are caused by different viruses. Because these two types of illnesses have similar symptoms, it can be difficult to tell the difference between them based on symptoms alone.

Flu Vaccination, limits Spread of Influenza

Posted Date: 2018-03-13

The flu is the greatest cause of hospitalisation in children, and causes more severe illnesses or deaths of Australians than all other infectious diseases combined. In most years, minor or major epidemics of type A or type B influenza occur, usually during the winter months in temperate regions.

Alert! Recent increase in Salmonella Havana cases

Posted Date: 2018-03-06

The Communicable Disease Control Branch (CDCB) has identified a recent marked increase in cases of Salmonella Havana with 21 cases reported since 1st June 2018...

Don’t let the Heat get your Baby

Posted Date: 2018-02-26

Hot weather can affect your baby or child because their bodies cannot adjust to changes in temperature like adults do.

Heat-related illness, Better safe than Sorry

Posted Date: 2018-01-31

Heat stress occurs when our body is unable to cool itself enough to maintain a healthy temperature.

Extreme heat can affect anybody. Those most at risk are older people, young children and people with a medical condition.

To Sunscreen or Not to Sunsreen?

Posted Date: 2018-01-24

We spend more time in the sun than we think, and how all these unprotected moments allow UV damage to add up, resulting in skin cancer. Using sunscreen can interfere with getting vitamin D, but abandoning sunscreen can significantly increase your risk for skin cancer.

Quit smoking before the age of 35, your life expectancy will be much the same as a non smoker

Posted Date: 2018-01-17

Advice from a health professional is the greatest external trigger in prompting someone who smokes to attempt to quit.

Research shows smokers who quit at age 50 halve their risk of death caused by smoking, while quitting by age 30 avoids almost all of the excess risk associated with smoking.

Heart disease kills women

Posted Date: 2017-10-26

Over 700,000 Australians live with coronary heart disease. One Australian will suffer a heart attack every 10 minutes, it is the nation's biggest killer of men and women.


Posted Date: 2017-10-20

There have been eleven confirmed cases of measles notified in Victoria in the last two weeks. The original source of the infection is unknown at this point.

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